Hall Hire


The venue is suitable for community, cultural or recreational group functions, private functions, children’s parties and corporate team-building events. Hall capacity: 100.

Booking provides the use of:

  • tables and chairs

  • kitchen facilities

  • refrigerator

  • large stove

  • dishwasher

  • microwave

  • barbecue (for outside use)

  • terrain and petanque equipment: boules, rings, cochonnets and scoreboards

  • projector screen

    Additional fees apply for

  • Sound System only: (includes microphones and allows Hirer’s plug-in smart phone for music) $75 for first use, thereafter at $50 per use

  • Sound System and Projector: $100 per use for first use, thereafter at $75 per use


Booking Fees

  • Community Group - $25 per hour

  • Charity Function - $25 per hour

  • Children’s Party - $50 per hour

  • Private Function (non corporate) - $65 per hour

  • Small Corporate Function (up to 30 people) - $100 per hour

  • Large Corporate Function (over 30 people) - $20 per person

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Please Note

  1. The club does not have a liquor licence.

  2. The club rooms are not available to groups under 25 years of age (other than children's parties).

  3. Please read the Terms & Conditions before you make a Booking Request.

  4. The Terms & Conditions must be accepted before booking can be confirmed.

  5. For bookings of children's parties, private and corporate functions a deposit of $100 is required before booking can be confirmed.

  6. Performance Bond: Bookings finishing later than 6.00pm may require a bond of $500 in addition to the normal hire deposit. This bond is to ensure the Hirer meets all the Terms and Conditions of hire.

Come and view the venue

Before booking, the venue may be viewed on Club days:
Thursday 9.30am - 12 noon, or Tuesday 9.30am - 12 noon (except the third Tuesday of the month) or other times by arrangement.


The clubhouse and terrain are located within Salisbury Reserve. Access is via the Salisbury Reserve footpath which runs from the end of Salisbury St through to Argyle St. Either park in Salisbury St and follow the footpath from the end of Salisbury St or park in Argyle St and follow the Salisbury Reserve footpath next to the driveway of 26 Argyle St.


Fill out the form below and we will contact you with availability and confirmation. Bookings can only be made by submitting the Hall Hire Application Form.
NB: Dates currently available for bookings before Christmas: Sun 24 Nov, Tues 3 Dec (after 12:30pm), Sun 8 Dec, Mon 16 Dec, Sun 22 Dec, Mon 23 Dec.

Hall Hire Application Form

Contact name *
Contact name
I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire

At Herne Bay Petanque Club (HBPC)

HBPC undertakes to provide the premises to the Hirer and allow access and use during the hire period on the following terms:
a. That the premises will only be used for stated purpose (as stated on the booking form). 
b. That the Hirer be accountable and responsible to HBPC for any injury, damage or loss to the premises including the petanque terrains and other property of HBPC by persons in attendance at the function.
c. That the Hirer may use the petanque terrain and boules during the hours of hire for the purpose of playing petanque only.

Any breach of this agreement may, at the option of HBPC’s representative, cause this agreement to be terminated immediately upon verbal notice to the Hirer or the Hirer’s representative.

The Hirer agrees to recognise that the facilities offered are in a residential area and that the HBPC values maintaining good relations with our neighbours. We seek the active cooperation of the Hirer in maintaining and supporting goodwill to our neighbours, to manage the group attending and by strict adherence to the Terms and Conditions.

  1. To use the premises for the stated purpose of a social function in accordance with these conditions of hire while maintaining an acceptable level of conduct, to respect the premises and leave them in the same general condition as they were at the time of taking possession under this agreement.  The premises shall be used for the purpose stated at the time of booking and for no other purpose.

  2. HBPC does not have a liquor licence. Alcohol is BYO. If the Hirer wants to supply alcohol at the function, consent must first be obtained from HBPC, and then comply with Auckland Council regulations: If the Hirer wants to sell alcohol at the event or charge an entry fee or collect a donation when alcohol is being supplied, the Hirer must apply to Auckland Council for a special licence (at least 25 working days before the event). The licence must be displayed within the premises throughout the duration of the function.

  3. The consumption of alcohol brought to the property is only allowed within the area of the HBPC facilities, i.e. no drinking in the adjacent public park.

  4. Smoking is not permitted in clubrooms or on the terrains. Attendees are to put cigarette butts in receptacles provided.

  5. After 6pm Hirers may use ONLY the HBPC amplified sound system. No other amplification equipment is allowed to be used on site after 6pm. The amplified sound system must be turned off at 11pm. Noise levels must not exceed those permitted by Auckland Council. Bands are NOT permitted. Outdoor amplified speakers may only be used when a member of HBPC is present.

  6. To use the entrance keys provided solely for the time and purpose designated in this agreement and promptly return the keys at the conclusion of the hire into the slot in the office wall.

  7. All decorations must be removed from the hall after the function has ceased. Staple guns, tacks, nails, screws or any other damaging fixing agents are not to be used in the hall. Blue tack is an approved alternative, but must be entirely removed at the end of the hire.

  8. To ensure that the premises are vacated promptly at the conclusion of the hire period (no later than 11pm) and that the premises are left in a safe condition, with lights, heating and taps turned off, all doors and windows secured.

  9. To remove from the property all rubbish including recyclable rubbish, such as plastics and bottles, from the function.

  10. Hirers may not enter the HBPC facility until the time booked and all functions must end at the completion of the booked period. The booking period must include setting up, dismantling, and cleaning of the venue.

  11. HBPC accepts no responsibility or liability in the event that the hall cannot be made available due to circumstances beyond its control.

  12. HBPC reserves the right to accept or decline any application for use of the facilities entirely at its discretion.

  13. To report immediately to HBPC’s representative any damage to the premises or the terrains and to make good or reimburse HBPC upon demand for any cost involved in repair or reinstatement.

  14. The Hirer takes all responsibility for Health and Safety.

  15. The Hirer is to provide a mobile phone contact number and ensure that contact is possible throughout the duration of the event.

  16. Failure to follow any of the above Terms and Conditions of hire will result in forfeiture of the $500 Performance Bond.

If between the date of the agreement and the date of the function referred to in this agreement, the Hirer or Hirer’s representative advises HBPC or HBPC’s representative in writing that the function will not proceed then the agreement will be regarded as terminated from the date of such notification provided however that HBPC shall retain the deposit paid to a maximum of $100.

Force Majeure
The Hirer acknowledges that any circumstances beyond the control of the HBPC which render the premises unavailable which will negate this agreement.